A New Year: Auditions for the Glee Club

Soren Kyhl Featured

Men of Notre Dame, On behalf of the Notre Dame Glee Club, I’d like to say welcome (or welcome back!) to Notre Dame. The school is home to a plethora of fun, exciting activities, and I cannot encourage you highly enough to dive into them! Now that the school year is right around the corner, I’d especially like to invite …

Soren KyhlA New Year: Auditions for the Glee Club

What We Did On Spring Tour: A Recap – #NDGCSouthwest

Will Cunningham Travel

Hello! My name is Will Cunningham, and I am a freshman in the Glee Club. We just got back from an incredible Spring Tour, and I wanted to write a post about what that tour was like! I’ve always been a math fan, so I thought I’d start out this post going over a few of the numbers from tour. 45 …

Will CunninghamWhat We Did On Spring Tour: A Recap – #NDGCSouthwest

2016 Spring Tour

John Linczer Travel

  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on Spring Tour with the Glee Club? It’s hard describing the experience of a fall or spring tour, so I decided try and show our fans the fun and tiring adventure that our spring tour is.  Even though it’s a month late, I hope you enjoy!   John Linczer …

John Linczer2016 Spring Tour

How We Spent our Summer…

Ollie Hanes Newsletter

For men in Glee Club, the summer can be a paradoxical experience of emotions. At first, the relief of having ample free time begs the men into a flurry of binge-watching every available series on Netflix, still not quite believing that they have the freedom to do this from 4:30 to 6:15 PM without having to lie to the Secretary …

Ollie HanesHow We Spent our Summer…

Europe Tour Recap

Soren Kyhl Newsletter

Europe Tour Recap Our recent trip around Europe was extraordinary and casualty-free. We were fortunate to steer clear of all travel issues (with the exception of one particularly long day in the Alps of Switzerland that featured multiple illegal hairpin U-turns on narrow alpine roads) while experiencing the world in a truly new perspective. The tour was a whirlwind—one of …

Soren KyhlEurope Tour Recap

New Alumni Bios

Soren Kyhl Newsletter

As we look ahead to the new school year, it is bittersweet to be saying goodbye to the Class of 2015. Of course, we’ll be seeing them all at Reunion, but it won’t be the same during that first week back without them. To say goodbye, we thought we’d share with you the biographies they wrote for themselves, which were …

Soren KyhlNew Alumni Bios

Fall Tour Plans

Daniel Le Newsletter

Hello, friends. It is my privilege to serve as the Business Manager for the Glee Club for the upcoming academic year. With the group celebrating its centennial over the next two semesters, I feel an additional pressure to make our Fall and Spring Break domestic tours memorable for not just our Clubbers, but audiences around the country. For Fall Tour, …

Daniel LeFall Tour Plans

Reunion Information

Pat Scott Newsletter

No single class had a majority of its clubbers attend any past reunion.  This year almost every class after 1963 is likely to have a majority of their classmates at the Centennial Reunion.  And we think that at least 50 alumni over 73 will attend as well.  We have seven registered in their 90s.  And, boy, have I heard some …

Pat ScottReunion Information

Centennial Reunion

Joseph Ong Newsletter

Greetings, all! We are only about 2 months away from our centennial reunion! We have been working very hard to make sure all is in order for this event. We are hoping over 500 alumni will attend, and we have a wide variety of great activities planned, including our gala concert in downtown South Bend at the Morris Performing Arts …

Joseph OngCentennial Reunion

Director’s Message

Dan Stowe Newsletter

Dear Friends— We’re back from our tour of Europe, and looking forward to welcoming you all back to campus in October for our Centennial reunion. Europe was a wonderful journey—great weather, beautiful cities both familiar and new (Ljubljana, Slovenia was an unexpected gem.) Our heartfelt thanks go out again to Fr. Michael Driscoll, who once again joined us a chaplain …

Dan StoweDirector’s Message