Ljubljana…Where is that, exactly?

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For those of you reading this who have never heard of Ljubljana or its parent nation, Slovenia, we should probably start off with a few facts about the two: Ljubljana (lyoo-BLYAH-nah) is the capital city of Slovenia. Ljubljana’s population is only a little less than 283,000; meaning it is approximately …

Stuart StreitLjubljana…Where is that, exactly?

An Italian Immersion

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My first visit to Bologna occurred during the fall semester of my junior year—a semester I spent studying abroad in Rome.  It was a gloomy, overcast Sunday in October, and almost all of the famous Bolognese eateries were closed for the day of rest.  I left the provincial capital of …

Glee ClubAn Italian Immersion

A Grand Homecoming

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It’s our fourth day on tour. Rome seems like that dream that you can’t quite remember—its food, its tourists…not to mention the ageless cobblestoned streets, where our craned necks, strained from basking in art, arches, and a bygone era, found refuge. The hills of Tuscany, which I call home, now …

Glee ClubA Grand Homecoming

Veni, Vidi, Cecini!

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‘We came, We Saw, We Sang!’ Where better to begin a tour of Europe than at the beginning? As we met the Tuesday morning sunshine on our bus ride from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport to the hotel, I was greeted with the faces of familiar friends. The buildings, monuments, …

Glee ClubVeni, Vidi, Cecini!

The Spain Experience

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By the end of my sophomore year, I had begun to feel like I had figured out the entire Glee Club experience. I had hundreds of rehearsals, four tours, dozens of concerts, and scores of smaller performances under my belt, as well as a bevy of dinners, hay rides, beach …

Glee ClubThe Spain Experience